Glacial | On Jones Beach

Glacial | On Jones Beach

It’s sad when people don’t “get” records. When something is challenging, they tend to write it off as a waste of time. That’s pretty much every review, that I have read, about the new Glacial album, On Jones Beach. What’s even more sad is the fact that it will be looked at as “The other Lee Ranaldo band” and while I suppose it is, its also saying nothing about the other two members of the group,  bagpipe player David Watson ( co-founder of Braille Records) and Tony Buck ( a founding member of Australia’s, The Necks), on drums. I was shocked to find out it was recorded over the course of several years (think Sonic Youth’s Rather Ripped, forward)

On Jones Beach consists of 4 tracks. The opening title-track is a monster that weaves in and out clocking in at almost 50 minutes. The first real “it” moment comes in 14:33. The sprawling landscape becomes more condensed, melodically.  Rolling drums over a repetitive Ranaldo jam that sounds like it could have been an Unwound out-take circa Fake Train. Hidden inside are moments of pure soul, anger, and complacency. The bagpipes add to the confusion. It’s wholesome skronk at its finest moments.

The remainder of the jams is less focused than the first. At times it almost feels like filler. They meander endlessly trying to find a groove but nothing will match the prowess of the first. I didn’t waste an hour listening to this. On Jones Beach isn’t going to be a classic drone record but you will hardly waste any time listening to it.

~ by Andrew on August 27, 2012.

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  1. Excellent write-up!

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